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El Centro Real Estate

Being the 2nd largest city in the Imperial Valley, El Centro was founded in 1906.

Agriculture is the main industry and is supported by canal irrigation from the Colorado River, which is a main economical resource and activity of this region.

This city also experiences long summers and mild, short winters, which are typical for deserts.

Sites to visit

Sand dunes in this area a site to visit, these dunes are largest in the whole US, and draws many tourists to go off-roading.

10 miles away from the city is the Naval Air Base, which hosts the annual Blue Angels Air Show.

The city is surrounded by thousands of acres of farmlands which produces annual crop worth upwards of $1 billion. These lands are often centers of the film industry, sand dunes and farmlands are the main attractions in this industry, because these resemble a lot of other locations of Iraq and other countries.

This area has a diverse culture due to its metropolitan environment, and a blend of Mexican and US traditions. The summers are spent mostly indoors while winters are spent outdoors, while outdoor recreational vehicles and other outdoor toys  are a common way to enjoy desert dunes.